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United States

A living wage helps everybody (American poster, ca. late 1950s)

Africa: The Kremlin’s Playground (American illustration, 1987)

After twenty years (American cartoon, 1934)

American anti-communist cartoon, 1919

American anti-segregation illustration, 1960s

American cartoon, 1917

American cartoon, 1925

American democracy, private enterprise – and they said our system was crumbling! (American poster, ca. 1943)

American leaflet, 1944

American poster, 1952

American United Nations poster, 1943

Americans will always fight for liberty (American poster, 1943)

Are our teachings, then, in vain? (American cartoon, 1900)

At 25, this man is a veteran of two wars (American poster, 1973)

Black is Beautiful, Communism is Not (American pamphlet, ca. 1985)

Blood Is the Harvest (American comic book, 1950)

Brothers in Arms (American poster, 1945)

Communist contagion (American cartoon, 1946)

Death in Disguise? (American poster, 1966)

Devil’s toboggan slide (American print, 1887)

Divorce court (American cartoon, 1969)

Do colleges HAVE to hire red professors? (American magazine, 1951)

Do You Believe in Evolution Or The Bible? (American pamphlet, 1953)

Don’t mix ‘em (American Poster, 1936)

Europe from Moscow / Asia from Irkutsk (1952)

Fighting Funds for Finland. Inc. (American poster, 1940)

Fill those empty seats! Car sharing is a “MUST!” (American poster, ca. 1943)

First disarm your hearts (American cartoon, 1947)

Food comes first (American poster, 1943)

For a country where we are still masters of our own destinies (American poster, 1943)

For what avail the plough or sail (American poster, ca. 1942)

Franco of Iberia (American magazine, 1943)

From the Dance Floor to HELL! (American pamphlet, 1946)

From the depths (American illustration, 1906)

Get the hell out of here! (American cartoon, ca. 1930)

Have another! (American poster, 1970)

His Only Real Offense (American cartoon, 1949)

How Are Things in Tito-Slavia? (American booklet, 1947)

Hungarian Freedom Fighter (American magazine, 1957)

I will destroy the church (American cartoon, 1953)

In peace we serve to prevent war (American poster, 1962)

Iran: People in struggle for independence and democracy (American poster, 1978)

It’s time to fight! (American cartoon, ca. 1950)

Jehovah’s Witnesses – Communists or Christians? (American pamphlet, 1958)

Karl Heinrich Marx (American cartoon, 1948)

Khrushchev (American magazine, 1961)

Kurdistan (American map, 1952)

Liberator of Finland (American stamp, 1960)

Lucky Strike GREEN has gone to war! (American advertisement)

Make our homes and streets SAFE! Vote Republican (American billboard, 1949)

Martin Luther King at a Communist Training School (American billboard, 1965)

Me travel? (American poster, 1945)

Milk … new weapon of Democracy! (American advert, 1949)

Mine! (American cartoon, 1962)

My yearly income from the Congo is millions of guineas (American cartoon, 1905)

New Britain (American map, 1916)

Our three big enemies (American cartoon, 1918)

Pope calls Gen. Franco Savior of Civilization (American newspaper cover, 1938)

Preview of the War We Do Not Want (American magazine, 1951)

Radioactive fallout can reach your farm (American poster, 1960)

Reelect Roosevelt (American poster, 1940)

Remember … This Unknown Communist has a SOUL (American prayer card, ca. 1950)

Roman Holiday in the Spanish Bull Ring (American illustration, 1938)

Russia did it (American leaflet, 1919)

Russia Will Be Converted (American book, 1956)

Russia will be converted (American leaflet, ca. 1950)

Russians get out of Ukraine! (American poster, 1966)

Safeguarding the college student (American cartoon, ca. 1948)

Satan’s sieve (American prohibitionist cartoon, 1919)

Shooting to kill (American magazine, 1983)

Stalin over Wisconsin (American cartoon, 1946)

Strike down this monster! (American poster, 1942)

Sure! I’m for the New Deal – I.M.A. SIMP (American pin, 1940)

Thanks for loafing, pal! (American poster, 1942)

The battle begins with your job! Do it right (American poster, ca. 1942)

The Condition of the Laboring Man at Pullman (American cartoon, 1894)

The Curse of Civilization! (American cartoon, 1914)

The descent of the Modernists (American cartoon, 1924)

The Deserter (American illustration, 1916)

The First Sting (American painting, 2008)

The last act (American cartoon, 1922)

The New Imperialism (American cartoon, 1951)

The Sleeping Sickness (American cartoon, 1911)

The Squeeze (American map, 1944)

The stride of a century (American print, 1876)

The United Nations are going to win this war (American postcard, 1942)

The victor (American magazine, 1975)

The Wall (American magazine, 1962)

The warriors of freedom have landed! (American leaflet, 1944

The WOMAN who votes has outdone the MAN who didn’t! (American poster, 1953)

This is the Anti-Christ (American booklet, 1940)

Tired of losing? (American poster, 1968)

United we are strong (American poster, ca. 1943)

Victory to the People’s Republic of Angola! (American poster, 1976)

We scathingly condemn U.S. imperialism for brutal suppression of U.S. Black Panther Party (American illustration, 1971)

We Will Bury You! (American propaganda poster, ca. 1962)

We will fight and fight from this generation to the next (American illustration, 1970)

Welcome Big Brother Democracy! (American poster, 1917)

What has he done to deserve this? (American cartoon, 1917)

When God Splits the Atom (American pamphlet, 1946)