The Propaganda Archive

A project by Propagandopolis to create the internet’s largest archive of propaganda posters, postcards, pamphlets, stamps and other ephemera.

This archive is currently a work in progress. New content and features will be added over the coming months. If you would like to learn about or support the project, you can do so below:


What is the Propaganda Archive?

The Propaganda Archive aspires to be the internet’s largest and most accurate archive of propaganda for use by researchers, teachers, collectors and enthusiasts. The archive is a work in progress and will – hopefully – be massively expanded over the coming months and include regular blogs, articles, podcasts and more.

I research every piece of propaganda as thoroughly as I can. I claim no copyright on any of the images reproduced here – they come from hundreds of sources, ranging from museum archives to auction websites to my own collections. If you would like me to remove an image, please send an email through the form below. Translations, dates, publisher, creator and source will be given where possible.

How to support The Propaganda Archive

Next week I will be launching a Buy Me a Coffee, which will includes a number of perks (depending on the tier). You can also buy a print from the shop, you can submit propaganda through the form below, or you can simply spread the word!

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