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United Kingdom

5 Questions to Men who have NOT Enlisted (British poster, 1915)

A gun for every job (British poster, ca. 1944)

After Thermopylae (British cartoon, 1941)

Are you going to vote your home into a nuclear target? (British poster, 1983)

Beat him! (British poster, 1942)

Boer War 1900 (British postcard, 1901)

Britain needs you at once (British poster, 1915)

British anti-drink driving poster (1948)

British anti-war cartoon, 1943

British Arms will make a great contribution to South Africa’s way of life (British poster, 1971)

British cartoon, 1990

British jets blitz Iraq (British postcard, 1933)

British poster, ca. 1944

British poster, ca. 1944

But Nasser said (British leaflet, 1956)

Check, there could be a bomb! (British poster, 1970s)

Chile resists (British poster, ca. 1974)

Comrades in Arms (British poster, 1942)

Congratulations, Mr Mugabe! (British cartoon, 1980)

Dig for victory! (British poster, ca. 1940)

Don’t slam the door on the future (British poster, 1975)

Down with the red flag (British poster, ca. 1902)

Down, Kruger, down! (British poster, 1900)

England’s Vietnam (Irish album artwork, 1977)

Expert opinion (British cartoon, 1905)

Finlandia (British poster, 1939)

Finlandia Invicta (British stamp, 1940)

For the glory of Ireland (British poster, 1915)

Freedom ’74 (Irish Republican poster, 1974)

Freedom & Love (Ulster Unionist postcard, 1912)

Germs invade (British poster, 1943)

Greetings (British Christmas card, 1937)

His rifle will fire – will mine? (British poster, ca. 1941)

Hit him hard (British magazine, 2013)

Hold on, Russia! (British poster, 1941)

How to avoid Spanish influenza (British cartoon, 1918)

I’ve got 9 lives (British poster, ca. 1940)

If you think the Soviet threat is a myth, just ask a Pole (British poster, ca. 1980)

In memory of Wales (Welsh poster, 1975)

In war and peace we serve (British poster, ca. 1942)

International Geophysical Year (British cartoon, 1956)

Ireland – Our Cuba? (British pamphlet, 1970)

Ireland, One Country, We Demand Freedom (Irish poster, ca. late 1960s)

Irish Republican mural, 1992

Is it fair to force your baby to smoke cigarettes? (British poster, 1974)

It’s a real man’s life (British poster, 1960)

It’s a real man’s life (British poster, 1960)

It’s a real man’s life (British poster, 1960)

It’s a real man’s life (British poster, 1960)

It’s a real man’s life (British poster, 1960)

It’s a real man’s life (British poster, 1960)

It’s a worthwhile life (British poster, 1960)

Join the Territorial Army (British poster, 1938)

Join the Territorial Army (British poster, 1938)

Join the volunteer soldiers of the Belfast Brigade (Irish Republican poster, ca. 1970s)

Leningrad defends Britain (British poster, 1941)

Liberalism – IT!! (British poster, 1924)

Liberalism – the right way (British poster, 1924)

Look … is it loaded? (British poster, ca. 19540

Mosley will win (British newspaper, 1937)

No wonder she’s laughing (Scottish poster, ca. 1975)

NO! Don’t end up as a booby prize (British poster, 1970s)

Normal people don’t need drugs (British poster, ca. 1965)

Onanism or Self-pollution (British print, 1848)

Out of the shadows (British poster, 1929)

Pals (British postcard, ca. 1905)

Resistance (Irish Republican poster, ca. 1981)

Russia wants peace (British newspaper, 1939)

Salute to the Resistance (British poster, ca. 1944)

So this is the new moderate militant-free Labour Party (British poster, 1987)

Sons of the Empire: Canada, India and Australia (British postcard, 1914)

Stop this (British poster, 1929)

Take up the sword of justice! (British poster, 1915)

Tax the loafer (British poster, 1909)

Telling a friend may mean telling the enemy (British poster, ca. 1942)

Thatchers hit men (British magazine, 1988)

The Broken Colossus (British cartoon, 1942)

The cat that wanted to be alone (British cartoon, 1945)

The conscientious objector at the front! (British postcard, 1916)

The escalator to prosperity (British poster, 1929)

The Great Sacrifice (British print, 1914)

The hand of God destroys communism (British leaflet, 1970s)

The Huns have desecrated and destroyed the cathedrals of France & Belgium (British poster, 1915)

The Liberal Way (British poster, 1924)

The Socialist Idol (British poster, 1929)

The Troubles of Tito (British cartoon, 1949)

The Victory of the United Nations Is Assured (British poster, 1943)

The Voice of Victory (British-American propaganda booklet, 1944)

There is an alternative to commuting by rail (British advert, 1979)

They did not pass (British booklet, 1936)

This is the enemy (British poster, ca 1980)

This is the year! (British poster, 1944)

This is why Spanish holidays are cheap (British poster, 1976)

Today many people are learning their real history for the first time (British poster, 1979)

Troops out of Ireland (British poster, ca. 1975)

Ulster 1914 (British postcard, 1914)

Under new management (British cartoon, 1947)

Unemployment (British poster, 1909)

Victory is vital! (British pamphlet, ca. 1940)

Vote for the Conservatives (British poster, 1906)