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Soviet Union

1 May (Soviet poster, 1920)

25 years since the destruction of the fascist troops at Moscow (Soviet poster, 1966)

A course of peace and cooperation (Soviet poster, 1977)

Abortion will deprive you of happiness (Soviet poster, 1966)

Alcoholism (Soviet poster, 1985)

Always together! (Soviet poster, 1958)

Atom in the service of peace and progress! (Soviet poster, 1955)

Be worthy of your fathers! (Soviet poster, 1968)

Bullfighting (Soviet cartoon, 1975)

Colonial peoples in the light of the ‘torch of liberty’ (Soviet poster, 1957)

Colonialism has no place on the earth! (Soviet poster, 1961)

Cuba is not alone! (Soviet cartoon, 1962)

Don’t become a victim of drugs (Soviet poster, 1985)

Don’t raise them as lords! (Soviet poster, 1956)

European Commonwealth (Soviet poster, 1952)

For anti-imperialist solidarity, peace and friendship! (Soviet poster, 1989)

From students’ models to spaceships! (Soviet poster, 1963)

Glory to Soviet aviators! (Soviet poster, 1973)

Glory to the Soldier-Liberator! (Soviet poster, 1984)

Grandmother said sternly: go nowhere without God! (Soviet poster, 1965)

Guarding the peace (Soviet poster, 1968)

Happy New Year! (Soviet leaflet, 1942-3)

Hours of daily tele-propaganda (Soviet cartoon, 1978)

How that turned out… (Soviet cartoon, 1958)

I. V. Stalin on the defensive lines near Moscow (Soviet painting, 1947)

I’m happy to be breathing the same air as you! (Soviet poster, ca. 1980s)

If you want to look like that, work out! (Soviet poster, 1966)

Imperial appetite (Soviet poster, 1984)

In all eras and centuries, a Russian warrior beats a Prussian (Soviet poster, 1943)

International Red Day (Soviet poster, 1929)

Into a new apartment (Soviet painting, 1952)

It has come to pass (Soviet painting, 1960)

It’s clear who supports international terror (Soviet poster, ca. 1980)

Knock-out! (Soviet cartoon, 1990)

Learn a trade (Soviet poster, 1986)

Literacy is the path to communism (Soviet poster, 1920)

Long live the friendship of the peoples of the USSR, Korea, and China! (Soviet poster, 1943)

Long Live the Red Army (Soviet poster, 1942)

Long live the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics! (Soviet poster, 1972)

Loyal sons of the fatherland (Soviet poster, 1967)

Myth and reality (Soviet poster, 1984)

NATO (Soviet cartoon, 1979)

New Year’s greetings from Moscow! (Soviet card, 1941)

No enemy attack will halt the victorious construction of socialism in our country (Soviet poster, 1931)

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree… (Soviet Christmas leaflet, 1941)

On your knees, my children! (Soviet cartoon, 1973)

Once I was a smoker … and then I quit! (Soviet poster, 1983)

One child is good, two is better! (Soviet poster, 1968)

Peace is the will of the people! (Soviet poster, 1960)

Polite Yanks (Soviet cartoon, 1952)

Presentation of the Sword of Stalingrad (Soviet illustration, 1948)

Resist together (Soviet poster, 1939)

Soviet anti-malaria poster, 1930

Soviet anti-Mao cartoon, 1969

Soviet artwork, 1976

Soviet Azerbaijani carpet, 1965

Soviet illustration, November 1939

Soviet painting, 1974

Soviet poster, 1963

Soviet threat (Soviet cartoon, 1975)

Stars of Azerbaijan (Soviet poster, ca. 1972)

The distance is great, but our hearts are close! (Soviet poster, 1958)

The final hour! (Soviet poster, 1921)

The land of Suvorov (Soviet poster, 1944)

The Motherland gave us wings for heroic deeds and work! (Soviet poster, 1979)

The oppressed peoples of the colonies (Soviet poster, 1932)

The people of Afghanistan (Soviet poster, 1983)

The people of Africa will overpower the colonisers! (Soviet poster, 1960)

The peoples of the world are waiting! (Soviet poster, 1962)

The rich rule the country freely (Soviet poster, 1971)

The sky of the motherland is safely protected! (Soviet poster, 1984)

There’s poison in cigarettes! (Soviet poster, 1989)

These lies are the enemy of all peoples and Muslims of Afghanistan (Soviet leaflet, ca. 1980s)

This gentleman will pay for everything! (Soviet cartoon, 1964)

To the lighthouse of the Communist International (Soviet poster, 1919)

Ulster (Soviet poster, 1973)

Victory! (Soviet poster, 1945)

Visit the USSR (Soviet poster, 1965)

Viva Cuba! (Soviet postcard, 1963)

Wasps’ nest (Soviet cartoon, 1981)

We are against a nuclear winter! (Soviet magazine, 1987)

We beat them then, we’re beating them now and we will beat them in the future! (Soviet poster, 1941)

We will not allow this! (Soviet poster, 1984)

When will the landscape change, dear Sancho? (Soviet cartoon, 1975)

You cannot break the Korean people! (Soviet poster, 1953)